Nine Years…

Nine years ago today I was diagnosed with SLE and lupus nephritis. It’s been a long road full of setbacks and struggle, but also humbling love and support. My endless gratitude to all of you who have stood (and walked!) by my side. You’ve given me more hope than I thought was possible…in the words of Beyoncé, “I love you like XO!”

To those of you fighting the good fight, whether you’re 9 years or 9 minutes in: keep on keeping on! There is a loving and remarkable community out there who supports and believes in you. Hang in there!

a little #tbt for ya! — this time last year, i was posting one #lupusfact a day as a countdown to the 2012 alliance for #lupus research walk in #dc! #timeflies #themoreyouknow #lupusawareness